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begin a new beauty regime

Le 22 janvier 2018, 09:34 dans Humeurs 0

and amongst friends are nothing more than useless information. One must know their own body well and what their specific needs are when searching for a beautifying plan that actually works. There are three major areas to focus on no matter who you are. These areas include your diet, soap, and other hygiene products. The reason these are the most important points to consider is that they are what we use on a daily basis and carry the most impact.

What Diet Can Do For You

When we think of beauty tips, the last we think about is diet. What we eat and drink can have a huge impact on how well we look. The better our diet is, the better we will look. Many foods can have an adverse effect on our body's appearance as a whole. Junk food, refined sugars, and fatty foods can cause you to gain weight, as well as facial blemishes. Eating lean meats, low carbs and fats, and high fiber can help you get the body you want and keep your system running right. If you want to feel and look good, you have to eat well and healthy. If you do not, you can find that your body will age in front of your eyes.

Soap, Friend Or Foe

Soap is one of the largest pushed items on the market. Everyone has several types in their home. There are hand soaps, facial soaps, body soaps, and many more. The question is, are they truly good for you? When it comes to beauty tips, many will argue they are. The truth is soap can actually be worse for you that you think. Hand soaps can make beautiful young looking hands dry and aged. The more you wash your hands the more moisture is sucked out of them, along with many essential oils. This will take once gorgeous hands and make them dry and brittle. The same issue can be said about any soap you use on your face and body. The more you use soap on the sensitive areas of the body, the drier they can become. This leads to flaky skin, red patches, and even wrinkles. The only time soaps should be used is when there is dirt or potentially harmful substances involved. Washing your body with hat water is enough to clean it under regular conditions.

Share face wipe coup let you have a good skin

Le 21 août 2017, 09:31 dans Humeurs 0

Wipe the face is an essential action every day, so even if everyone does this action every day, but there are still many people do not know how to properly wipe the face, because in fact wipe the face of our skin, there will be a lot If we know how to wipe the face, we can make our skin better. If we do not know how to wipe the face, it may damage our skin.

So how to wipe the face is correct? Then Xiaobian to share some tips for everyone, I hope we can rub the correct face every morning, and then make your skin become more tender, rather than more rough Dream beauty pro.

First of all, we have to prepare a relatively soft towel or cotton pad, and now the supermarkets and online businesses have a lot of businesses selling towels, these towels are also a variety of quality, the price is not the same. In fact, we can think so, a towel can be used for a long time, and towels have a great impact on the skin, so would rather spend a little more money to buy a better quality towels.

So what is called good quality towels and cotton pad it? First, both must be very soft, and the color of the towel to buy as light as possible, because it is easy to get rid of dark color, pigment is more, so try not to buy dark-colored towels.

Second, we must be soft when wiping the face. Some people are very impatient with their skin, and sometimes wash the face with a towel to wash their face rough, mainly want to quickly make your face dry, in fact, this really hurt the skin Dream beauty pro hard sell.

We can not rub hard on our skin when rubbing the face, generally speaking, only need to gently press the towel on the skin to quickly absorb the facial moisture. And this method will not waste too much time and effort, so be sure to correct your bad habit of wiping your face up and down with a towel. Try to be gentle about your skin.

Third, when we wipe the face, in fact, you can soak the cotton pad with warm water, which may make the cotton pad more soft, it is even less likely to harm our skin, and cotton soaked with warm water, make-up Cotton has a certain temperature, in the process of wiping the face, but also allows the pores of the face open, which will help excretion of waste Dream beauty pro hard sell.

Of course, if this is the case, after rubbing the face must be coated with some skin care products is conducive to the absorption of the skin, the skin becomes more moist, it is important to note that because the pores may also absorb some open Dust, this must pay attention and prevent.

Fourth, in fact, different skin have different face wash method. If your skin is more dry, and relatively thick pores, you can choose to use alternating cold water and hot face rubbing method. First, soak the towel with hot water, then wipe the face with a towel. Then you can use facial cleanser to wash the dirt of the pores.

Then you can soak the towel with cold water, or wash your face directly with cold water, which will help shrink the pores, so that our skin become more detailed.

The above four methods is to rub the face, we usually follow the procedure in the process of face can help to protect our skin Dream beauty pro.

Stewardess beauty mystery

Le 26 juillet 2017, 04:40 dans Humeurs 0

You have to give flight attendants mad props, not just because they handle our twice-a-minute requests for more water with a smile, nor because they travel the turbulent skies without tripping or throwing up or both. No-it's because they do all that and more under the heavy, perhaps unfair, expectation that they must be impeccably groomed at all times Chinese medicine.


So how does one keep one's face beat when the lavatory is the size of a broom closet and the carry-on liquid is still a measly 3.4 ounces? Here, the flight attendant's beauty secrets, revealed.

They Don't Play When It Comes to Hydration

So maybe they don't *really* hate us for asking for a top-off every 30 seconds? ::nervous laughter:: In the Coveteur's survey of Korean flight attendants-probably the most skin-vigilant of the lot-100 percent of respondents said they drank liters of water and constantly applied moisturizer, while some took the extra precaution of face mists and sleeping with a humidifier reenex.

They Know SPF Matters Even More Up There

Just look what happened when poor Icarus flew too close to the sun. Because commercial aircraft hover at around 45,000 feet, where cloud cover is sparse-not that that's an excuse, even when you're on the ground-rays can have an even more damaging effect on skin cells. So slather on the sunblock and consider keeping your window shade down.


They Pay Attention to the Order of Things


As part of a balanced, recycled-air-considering skincare routine, serums and creams and oils matter, as does how you layer them. Serum, applied first, delivers a shot of nutrients. Next, load up on an ultra-rich moisturizer that can be reapplied (with clean hands) throughout the trip. (You can also massage in one final layer right before landing, tissuing off the extra for a dewy look.) An oil goes on last to slow everything from evaporating in the dry air To foster collaboration with government departments and industry and put research findings into practice, our university researchers have been commissioned to undertake a number of collaborative Research projects.

They're Very Picky About Their Dry Shampoo

Hold the aerosols, please (not just because the TSA finds them sus). One flight attendant swears byLush's No Drought Dry Shampoo, because "it comes in a powder form, so no need to worry about the liquid restrictions." Plus, no shine-adding ingredients-the stuff that makes some spray formulas wet.

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